Our Ban the Box campaign calls for removing the question and check box, “Have you been convicted by a court?” from applications for employment, housing, public benefits, insurance, loans, and other services. These questions mean lifelong discrimination and exclusion because of a past arrest or conviction record

LSPC publishes manuals and reports relevant to prisoners and their family advocates. All are available free on our website and free to prisoners by writing:

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2020 COVID-19 Rapid Response Emergency Fund
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Ban the Box

All of Us or None is recognized nationwide as the originator and the core of a Ban the Box movement that is sweeping the country. As of August 2015, over 150 cities or counties 35 states have removed questions about conviction history from their public employment applications – over 100 million people across the country live in a jurisdiction where the box has been banned in some form or another. Check out our Ban the Box historical timeline to see how we and our allies have developed this movement.

Campaigns to Ban the Box around the U.S. have been started by a wide variety of people: formerly-incarcerated people, neighborhood legal services agencies, City Council members, Mayors, other elected officials. For any of our campaigns to win, it’s crucial that we build broad coalitions that recognize the grassroots voice of people who have been directly affected by this discrimination. The short video Enough is Enough also describes the campaign.



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Free the Vote 2020

Building on decades of voting rights work begun in 2003 as All of Us or None, formerly incarcerated & convicted people campaigned over the past three years to restore voting rights to 50,000 Californians on felony parole, culminating in the passage of Prop 17.


Ban the Box in Employment:

First in a series of upcoming reports on “Ban the Box” – the civil rights campaign to remove barriers to employment, housing, education, & voting for formerly incarcerated people.


Ban the Box Philanthropy Toolkit & Report (2016)

LSPC and All of Us or None are proud to have worked with the other organizations in the Leadership Council of the Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People & Families Movement, as well as the Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of Color and the National Employment Law Program, to create this new Ban the Box / Fair Chance Hiring toolkit for philanthropic organizations.

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"Prisons in a Time of Pandemic" by Dorsey Nunn
Coronavirus - Prisons in a Time of Pandemic - Dorsey

LSPC demands to CDCR Secretary Ralph Diaz and Governor Gavin Newsom
Justice Collaborative Ltr to Newsom
LSPC-CCWP Letter to CDCR Secretary 3-13-20 signed

Updated information on prison conditions and policies

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Coronavirus and Mass Incarceration Timeline


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Vaccine preparation

Vaccine preparation

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Addressing your concerns about the Vaccine

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Por Que Vacunarse?

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Vaccine Related info DV related

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